The Ocean Howler

The ocean howler
The sweeping subsurface
Universal presence
Ebb and flow, sip and sigh
Propelling the sounds
Of ol' maritime legends
Lost and reflected in a sailor's eyes
Of white crest-filled arcs
Waves of glass
Hurling fury and might
The seductive sea
Sirens rise in her song
From the depths of dreams
The cry expounds
Heard by tender mother earth
Our sea in deep blue
Frothy mist
She takes her next breath

I started tonight. 


I started to peel the ache 


Like age old marigold wallpaper


Saturated with memories 


A strip would split into reckless rips, frustrating my finger tips


I scratched at the edges only to reveal chips of paint


Layers of coats, the wall kept warmer than most


Without art, creativity freezes and is called anxiety


What if doctors prescribed art for head trips


Getaway stay-cations with materials included.


Pick up your prescription from the art store.


It was when I stopped making. That's when this ache turned my pink--- gray.